Why Your Best Ideas Often Come to You in the Shower

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Here’s a quick experiment for you to try: Ask the next ten people you see when and where they get their best ideas. Without having the foggiest notion about who you’re likely to ask or what business they might be in, we’re still willing to wager that many (if not most) are going to say, “In the shower!” Why is … Read More

Why Working from Home or the Local Coffee Shop is a Bad Idea

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In this age of increasingly efficient communications, cloud-based file sharing, and some pretty powerful collaborative tools, many of us are now looking at the concept of dedicated office space as simply outdated. While most entrepreneurial efforts do require a bootstrap mentality and forgoing the expense of a professional office might seem like a logical way to lower costs, working from … Read More

6 Ways to Make a Small Business look BIG

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Your image communicates who you are as a company: stable, innovative, and successful or… operating on a shoestring. First impressions are powerful, and you and your business will be judged by that. Here are 6 easy, low cost ways to look like a big fish without getting in too deep: Use an e-mail address that reflects your business: (not gmail, … Read More