6 Ways to Make a Small Business look BIG

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Your image communicates who you are as a company: stable, innovative, and successful or… operating on a shoestring. First impressions are powerful, and you and your business will be judged by that.

Here are 6 easy, low cost ways to look like a big fish without getting in too deep:

  1. Use an e-mail address that reflects your business: (not gmail, charter, etc).
  2. Flaunt a class-A, corporate address on your business cards, website—all marketing materials: (So much better than 10 Blueberry Way).
  3. Enlist a professional phone answering service: research claims that clients decide in the first 4 to 6 seconds as to whether they will consider doing business with you or not.
  4. Offer a corporate environment to your meet clients—just rent a meeting room by the hour. (Even if you met clients 99% of the time at their business, it is impressive to offer to meet at “your office.”)
  5. Maintain a high-end professional image. Your clothing, grooming, briefcase, etc should serve to impress and engage. (It sounds petty, but clothing/grooming influences decisions in 92% of the population.)
  6. YOUR ATTITUDE (above all): Be confident, optimistic and THINK BIG!

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